february 2020: FRESHWATER Cleveland ARTICLE

june 2020: moving!

Important update: I am kissing this social space located at 13439 Detroit Ave goodbye at the end of June 2020. I will be looking for a better home for my business in the near future.

🌱Crazy enough, the move isn’t due to COVID. Instead, I am moving my business due to a combination of unfortunate things.

🌱What I’ve experienced over the past several months of renting the space is completely petty, ridiculous and unfair. I invested so much energy, time, money & love into my first brick & mortar only to move out shortly after because of other people’s selfishness.

🌱Due to a lack of respect & understanding from the tenant directly above the store, paired with excessively loud, cheap, old floor boards in their apartment, I have chosen to move to a space where I and others who are trying to enjoy themselves at my events won’t be subjected to a person who stomps around and aggressively drags furniture against the floor in reaction to ANY sound coming from the store front. It would be disruptive to many events.
🌱Although I am truly upset, I’m very much looking forward to finding a great space that will be a better fit for my business (certainly not attached to an apartment building)
🌱I will be back as soon as I can be.